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Musical Minis

  • 45 minutes
  • First Stage Dance & Theatre Academy

About This Class

This 45-minute class introduces the younger student to Musical Theatre with singing, drama and dance elements combined. Its aim is to build confidence and performance skills in a fun and interactive way, whilst encouraging concentration and listening skills. This is achieved in an accessible way using games and teamwork to improve their communication. The class includes: • Vocal warm up and group singing • Singing with actions and movement • Basic dance and movement skills • Drama techniques, improvisation and role play • Script reading and performance of short scenes/play Classes for age 4-7 years are held on a Monday. Please check timetable for current times. Fee: £4.50 for the 45-minute Musical Theatre Minis class for the first half term. Then half termly payments in advance. Please bring a folder to your class for scripts, music, lyrics, poetry and notes Please see Tammy in our onsite First Gear Shop, for the correct First Stage uniform for this class.

Contact Details

  • 9 Enterprise Way, Derby, UK


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