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Intermediate Aerial Hoop (B)

Studio 2

  • First Stage Dance & Theatre Academy

About This Class

Aerial hoop (also known as the lyra, aerial ring or cerceau/cerceaux) is a large round Metal ring suspended from the ceiling, on which artists may perform aerial acrobatics. This involves you sitting in, standing on and hanging beneath in a variety of beautiful, elegant poses. As you improve you will learn moves that are increasingly dynamic and may involve a spinning or swinging. The classes target your core and upper body to lift your legs up and through the hoop. Benefits include improved core stability, balance and strength. Aerial Hoop increases flexibility. improves joint mobility, increases upper body strength and builds endurance. At First Stage our Aerial studio has 4 different sizes of Hoops erected to cater for all ages from 6 years and over. These classes are very popular and we currently operate a waitlist when full. Please see latest timetables for further details.

Contact Details

  • 9 Enterprise Way, Derby, UK

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