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Inter Contemporary

Studio 1

  • 45 minutes
  • First Stage Dance & Theatre Academy

About This Class

Contemporary dance draws on Modern Dance techniques and Classical Ballet influences. It takes its technique from Classical Ballet, but allows a greater range of movement that may not adhere to the strict body lines set out in traditional ballet classes. Many of its concepts originate from the ideas and innovations of 20th century modern dance utilizing ground work, turn-in of the legs and is often danced in bare feet. This style of dance explores the natural energy and emotions of the body and involves a great deal of playing with balance, floorwork, fall and recovery, and improvisation. In Contemporary dance classes at First Stage, students learn to use their bodies in a variety of ways, focusing on breathing, posture, and emotional state to establish a mind-body connection. Students may learn choreographed works, or they may be encouraged to improvise dance pieces. Class techniques are based on the methods of Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham. These classes are offered on a weekly basis as a series of creative workshops . They are open to Senior School Age plus those who are studying for Grade 4 Ballet or higher. We have an Inter and a Senior class, please check latest timetable for the class times. Please see Tammy in our onsite shop, First Gear, for the correct First Stage uniform for contemporary.

Contact Details

  • 9 Enterprise Way, Derby, UK


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