Most of the dance you see in the commercial world (TV and pop videos) and West-
End musicals has its roots in Modern Dance. This form of dance does not follow the

strict rules of Classical Ballet as closely allowing the dancer more freedom of expression

in an ever evolving dance form.


The ISTD modern syllabus contains elements of Jazz, Lyrical and Contemporary styles

of modern dance. According to the ISTD ‘Modern Theatre Dance defies a single permanent

definition. This is largely due to its ability to adapt, develop and evolve with the changing

fashion in dance’.

First Stage teaches the ISTD Modern Theatre syllabus for all ages from 2 years and above.

Please see the latest timetable for class times. Grades are either during the week or on a

Saturday depending on age and ability.

Please see Tammy in our onsite dance shop, First Gear, for the correct uniform for Modern.

The correct uniform must be worn for all examinations. Grooming is very important and hair

should be worn in a neat bun for all classes where possible.

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