Body Conditioning

As a dancer having stamina and strength is a must. As you go up the grades the work

starts to become more demanding so to help alongside their graded classes the students

are encouraged to join our body conditioning class.

In this class we start with a intensive cardio warm up including running, jumps, burpees

and HIIT training. We then move onto strengthening different muscles in our body from

upper body strength to abdominals to working on our glute and turnout strength to name

a few.

Throughout the term the students notice certain exercises getting easier as they build more

strength within them. On week one a minute plank for some students is a task but by the end

of term their bodies have adjusted and they can now strive to achieve new goals.

Core strength is one of the most important elements for a dancer. You need this for good

posture and to be able to balance on one leg whilst turning.

There is no specific uniform for this class but we advise trainers to be worn and for clothes to be tight fitting. Check the timetable for our latest classes.

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