Musical Minis

This 1 hour class introduces the younger student to Musical Theatre with singing, drama

and dance elements combined. Its aim is to build confidence and performance skills

in a fun and interactive way, whilst encouraging concentration and listening skills.

This is achieved in an accessible way using games and teamwork to improve their

communication. The class includes:

  • Vocal warm up and group singing

  • Singing with actions and movement

  • Basic dance and movement skills

  • Drama techniques, improvisation and role play

  • Script reading and performance of short scenes/play


Classes for age 4-7 years are held on a Monday. Please check timetable for current times.

Fee: £5.00 for the hour Musical Theatre Minis class for the first half term. Then half termly

payments in advance.

Please bring a folder to your class for scripts, music, lyrics, poetry and notes

Please see Tammy in our onsite shop, First Gear, for the correct First Stage uniform for this class.

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