Acrobatic training teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, and above

all, discipline and concentration. Basic tumbling skills can be an added bonus for

any dancer. A limbered, agile body is of great benefit for all styles of dance.

First Stage is an Acrobatics Arts Certified Studio with Qualified teaching staff.

We have introduced this fantastic new syllabus into our Acro classes which are

split into 4 classes to accommodate all ages and abilities.


First Stage classes include limbering and body conditioning. Following on from

the stretching we add tricks and tumbles e.g. splits, balances (hand, chest, elbow),

walkovers, cartwheels, leaps and partner balances and tricks.


For those in our advanced level class we work towards the more tumbling side of

acro such as side aerials, front aerials and back handsprings as well as having very

secure and strong acrobatic work.


In our large studio area we have ample foam mats, crash mats, springboard and 

stretch equipment on which to practise.


Our Acrobatics classes, suitable for all ages over 4 years, are on a Saturday. Please

see latest timetables for further details


Please see Tammy in our onsite shop, First Gear, for the correct First Stage uniform

for Acro. It is important for safety reasons that hair is neat and tied up for this class.

This is a very popular non-examination class and we operate a waiting list system

when the classes are full.

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