Tap dancing encourages rhythm and co-ordination. Dancers wear special shoes
equipped with metal taps to enable them to use their feet like drums creating rhythmic
patterns and musical beating. Tap dancing has many influences and styles and is an
enjoyable hobby as well as being an essential skill for any professional dancer today.
During your ISTD tap classes at First Stage you will learn to do many steps including
shuffles, paradiddles and, as you progress, timesteps and wings. We offer classes at

First Stage for all ages from 2 years and over. These are held throughout the week and

on a Saturday depending on age and level. Please see latest timetables for further details. 


Please see Tammy in our onsite shop, First Gear, for the correct First Stage uniform for Tap.

The correct uniform must be worn for all examinations. Grooming is very important and hair

should be worn in a neat bun for all classes where possible.

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